Creating Future Leaders

Manarah Islamic Academy

Please use the following links during the virtual learning period. These websites are regularly used by the students in class with their teachers.

Intermediate Resources

  • Carbon-Lehigh IU 21 – Manarah Islamic Academy receives support services from the PA Dept. of Education through Carbon-Lehigh Intermediate Unit 21.
  • Carbon Lehigh Counseling Resources– Counseling support through Carbon-Lehigh Intermediate Unit 21

Pre-school and Pre-Kindergarten

  • Kid Zone – Fun facts for kids, photos and printable activity worksheets. Suitable for Kindergarten through Grade 6. Provides printable calendars, classroom news, awards, bulletin boards, file folder games, charts, and so forth
  • First-School – First-School features, educational early childhood activities, printable crafts, worksheets, calendar of events and other resources for children of preschool age. The preschool crafts, and activities are appropriate and adaptable for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten level
  • dltk-teach – DLTK’s Crafts for Kids features a variety of fun, printable children’s crafts, coloring pages and more including projects for holidays, educational themes and some of our children’s favorite cartoon characters.
  • tlsbooks– A variety of printable worksheets for home and school use. Tlsbooks offers numerous worksheets to supplement your early childhood education program, home day care, elementary school classroom or home-school. Parents love using our free worksheets to help their child gain valuable readiness skills or to reinforce material they may already be learning in school.

Arabic/Quran/Islamic Studies-Sr. Manar (pre-k/1st)

Arabic/Quran/Islamic Studies-Sr. Shaimaa (2nd-4th)

Arabic/Quran/Islamic Studies-Sr. Azza (5th-8th)

Additional Online Elementary Resources

  1. Free Rice – This site is an example of a “mash-up”; it combines 2 good ideas: expanding vocabulary and donating to a worthy cause at the same time!
  2. KidsClick! – The advanced search includes searching by reading level
  3. Literacy and Math Skill Builders – A variety of free tutorial resources organized by grade and skill.
  4. Spelling City – Free online tool for reviewing spelling words in a variety of formats
  5. StarFall – Extensive interactive materials and resources for early literacy development
  6. Study Stack – Use pre-existing word lists or create your own using this free online tool that transforms vocabulary words into a variety of fun and engaging activities
  7. ReadWriteThink – This free resource offers excellent content, interactive tools, and printable study guides allgined to state standards
  8. Eduplace – This is the website that goes with all of our text books and is sorted by grade. Has cool stuff to help kids study for their subject tests.
  9. Coolmath4kids – This site is to help kids with math talent challenge themselves in a fun way and also to help those needing extra attention with facts and things do the same.
  10. Funbrain – Educational games and things for kids that are fun to do and they learn as well.
  11. Geology – To use with older kids in getting geology facts. Created by a nationally known college.
  12. Anapsid – Good site for info on reptiles for reports. This is the site owned and created by a lady who is an author of care manuals for zoos and she has worked with major zoos and animal rescues in the LA, CA and surrounding areas.
  13. kids nationalgeographic – Stories and facts about people, places, and animals around the globe
  14. Islamicplayground – Islamic puzzles, games, word searches, and quizzes
  15. Historyforkids – While designed for middle schoolers, this site has wonderful information that can be made accessible for younger students, and includes a section on Islam.
  16. Metmuseum – Museum Kids: Explore and Learn at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The site contains artist biographies, a glimpse of art pieces from around the globe, and games.
  17. Teach the children well – A collection of links in every subject area by educator Elaine Doolittle, M.Ed. The links are organized by popular subheadings, including dinosaurs, Egypt, and farms.
  18. School library journal – Book reviews and articles on the latest publications for children
  19. KidsReads – This website shares reviews of “cool new books” and authors. The books are categorized by age and by genre. There is a link for podcasts and another for book clubs. The newsletter highlights the newest and best on the site.

Links for Parents

  1. FunBrain for Parents – Educational games are the highlight of this site. The games cover all interest areas and target specific age levels. There are “parent-kid challenges,” “homework relief,” and “books on the run” links. Also linked to this site, there is a family education newsletter that helps with school, life, entertainment, and special needs issues.Educational games are the highlight of this site. The games cover all interest areas and target specific age levels. There are “parent-kid challenges,” “homework relief,” and “books on the run” links. Also linked to this site, there is a family education newsletter that helps with school, life, entertainment, and special needs issues.
  2. PBS For Parents – This site contains guides on a variety of topics such as child development, curriculum connections, and technology for kids. It also shares information on hot issues in education. On the lighter side, there are games, stories, and guides to the TV programs offered by PBS. The guide is also available in Spanish. Bienvenidos a PBS Padres!
  3. Scholastic for Parents – This site contains age appropriate guides for helping your child learn to love reading. Divided into early childhood and school age children, the site also contains resources for helping your child with math, technology and other subjects. Additionally, there is an array of information about family matters.
  4. Time for Kids Teacher’s Homepage – This site shares diverse resources for parents including virtual tours around the world, kid-appropriate current events stories, homework help, and games.