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Tajan Quran Institute and Manarah Islamic Academy Combine Full Time Hifdh Programs:

Lehigh Valley Muslim community achieves another major milestone on Friday December 6 th, 2019 as the boards of Tajan Quran Institute (a division of IECPA) and Manarah Academy (A division of Manarah Foundation) signed a collaboration agreement to merge the full-time Hifdh programs of both schools. Under this agreement, the Hifdh programs of both schools will be held at Manarah Academy, Whitehall effective Monday, December 9 th 2019. Shaykh Ahmed Zein (the current Hifdh teacher at Tajan) will become the lead Hifdh teacher of the combined program at Manarah.

This agreement marks a great achievement for both Institutions towards the desire for collaboration and an effort to unify the Lehigh Muslim community. Earlier this year, the entire Lehigh Valley Muslim community (comprising of Five Islamic centers) celebrated a combined Eid at the Coca-Cola Park in an unprecedented display of togetherness.

At the signing ceremony of the agreement that was held at IECPA on December 6 th, 2019, the boards of IECPA and Manarah spoke passionately about the benefits of working together as a united community in the best interest of our children. Board members of both Institutions offered their unconditional commitment to continue to explore other areas of collaboration and solidify the bonds of unity between the two Institutions. As many have expressed, that was the best effort we’ve ever done as a community.

The collaboration agreement ushers in a new beginning for our community and a new opportunity for our children to excel. When we are united, there is no limit to what we can achieve together. We therefore call on all parents who may be considering registering their children in the Hifdh or Manarah programs to take advantage of this unique opportunity and do so immediately.

For further information about this Hifz program or any other educational programs at Manarah, please send an email to info@manarahfoundation.org or call 610-799-6223.

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