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Manarah Islamic Academy

Parent Teacher Organization

Asalamu alaikum!

     The Manarah Islamic Academy PTO would like to welcome you!  We are a volunteer organization consisting of parents, teachers, administrators and staff who are all dedicated to the education of our children.  The PTO helps Manarah students and staff by providing support for educational resources, programs and services that will enrich and maximize the educational experience of every student.  The PTO is a team effort!  Together, insha’Allah, we will benefit our children and the entire Ummah as we all strive to raise our children in the light of the Quran and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S)! 
     We are looking forward to meeting parents/guardians, grandparents and families that would like to get involved with the PTO!  Please email the PTO at if you would like to be added to our Whatsapp group or have any suggestions, ideas, concerns or questions!

PTO Officers Board 2023-2024

President: Sr. Kubra Kafaoglu
Co-vice Presidents: Sr. Aneela Kashif & Sr. Wafaa Twam
Secretary: Sr. Yulia Batacki
Treasurer: Br. Aamir Ahmed
Hot Lunch Committee: Sr. Faiza Ahmad & Sr. Sana Ejaz
Book Fair Committee: Sr. Rabea Khokhar & Sr. Walaa Mahmoud

Below are some of the fun events PTO helps organize, sponsor and of course participate.

  • The recent Dodgeball Competition
  • The Book Fair, held twice a year.
  • The Science Fair
  • The Opening Ceremony
  • Annual Field Day
  • Graduation
  • Eid activities
  • Monthly Hot Lunches
  • Bake Sales
  • Field Trips

Please use the form below to sign up and be a part of the PTO group. Your help is needed through out the year for school events, bake sales, activities and much more.

PTO sign up form Online

  • Parent 1 Info

  • Parent 1 Info