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Manarah Islamic Academy is equipped for teaching average and above average children, who do not have any special learning, speech, physical, or behavioral problems. All new students are on probation for the first 8 weeks. Those showing special needs or problems may not be able to continue at the school. Children entering a grade other than kindergarten or first must have successfully completed the previous grade for entry into MANARAH Islamic Academy. A special admission policy exists for grades Kindergarten and 1st and is outlined later in this section. In addition to these admission requirements, parents must complete the application and registration process as outlined below.

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Phone: (610) 799 – 6223

New Students

Registration: Students will not be allowed to attend school without their parents having filled out proper registration forms. Applications must be filled out completely and mailed or returned to the school office along with:

  • non-refundable application fee of $100
  • deposit of $765-$825 towards the tuition and is not refundable if the school accepted and reserved a seat for the student
  • copies of any previous school records including report cards d standardized test results (if applicable)
  • birth certificate
  • current immunization records


A student’s registration will require:

  • Proof of Age (Read below about the age requirements for KG and Grade 1)
  • Immunization records: State law requires that all students be immunized against certain diseases. At the time of registration, the school is required to have proof that your child has received all currently due immunizations. Students will not be allowed to attend school without proof of these immunizations.
  • Registration Forms: A variety of forms must be completed and signed by parents including a registration form and cumulative record file release form.

Admission to Kindergarten and 1st Grade

  • Students who are under-age for KG (less than 4 years and 8 months at the beginning of the school year) will not be accepted into the Kindergarten class. There will not any exemptions to this rule.
  • Students who are under-age for 1st grade (less than 5 years and 8 months at the beginning of the school year and have NOT completed a KG program in a school) will not be accepted into MANARAH Islamic Academy for the 1st grade (they may apply for KG).
  • Students who are under-age for 1st grade and HAVE completed a KG program in a school must:
    • Submit all transcripts detailing their progress and development
    • Submit a recommendation letter from their KG teacher describing their academic, physical, and development and progress
    • Must pass MANARAH Islamic Academy Entrance Exam
  • Submit a signed agreement from the parents stating:
    • Student will be on Probation for the 1st Quarter
    • Student progress (academic/behavioral/physical) will be monitored during this time
    • A parent conference will be scheduled if the student’s progress is not at level
    • Students who are not at level by the end of the 1st Quarter will be allowed to enter KG at MANARAH Islamic Academy (if space is available) or will have to transfer to another school.
    • All agreements must be signed by the parent and submitted to the school before admission can be granted.

Complete our Online Inquiry Form to let us know that you are interested in Manarah Islamic Academy.

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After completing the inquiry online form, you may sign onto your family’s MIA portal page.

Annual Red and Gold Speaker Series Night Admissions Open House for grades.

For any queries or clarification, please feel free to contact us, and someone from our team will assist you. Thank you!

Phone: (610) 799 – 6223